About Us

Shallow Standards for Beauty have always plagued the world of fashion with the media perpetuating a superficial image of feminine splendor often impeding on the confidence of Plus-Size women. These biases allow us to miss out on a lot of full-figured brilliance, as they distort Self-Love and Assurance.   

Jasmine Jackson-Lewis has had her share of bouts with superficial beauty within the constructs of socially, conditioned standards. Lewis, a well-respected Law Professional, has shouldered the pressures of trivial vanity since Childhood and well into her early adult years. Her ability to sustain confidently with undeniable class is merely a testament to her Perseverance. Lewis has become a Champion in the Quest for Physically Superior women to be Bold and Stylish.

Plusher Chic Boutique is a Emporium of Excellence fashioned to service an assortment of body types with timeless looks and supreme quality. We offer an array of select fabrics cultivated into powerful collections that promote confidence and comfort. More Luxury, more Fashion for more Body!

The founder

“We are no longer hiding behind layers of clothing and feeling timid. There is a need for more versatility” -Jasmine Jackson-Lewis